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We are KOS (Kokke os Serveringstjenester) Employment Agency operating since 2004, employing staff of various levels of advancement to handle events from the side of service and kitchen. This website was created to recruit professional chefs and is a kind of database of people willing to travel temporarily or permanently to Norway.

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Briefly about us

We recruit employees for the Norwegian market

We operate mainly in Bergen, but in connection with the time2staff project, we already operate in the five largest cities in Norway and many seasonal work centers throughout the country.Years of good contact with customers and our staff have resulted in an increasingly better reputation and the fact that the company in 2021 , despite the crisis, has gained publicity thanks to the good organization of professional staff.


  • English at a communicative level + product names (Norwegian will be an advantage)
  • Minimum 3 years of experience as a cook
  • Preferred directional education
  • Experience in Norway or international is very much appreciated
  • Good references from former employers

What we offer

  • Assistance in finding a job in Norway for a period depending on the given offer
  • Legal employment in accordance with the Norwegian Labour Code
  • Guidelines in relation to labour law, documentation and official matters
  • Assistance with accommodation
  • Contact your caregiver
  • Payment depending on the experience and nature of the work from 200 to 250 kr/h net
What do we provide?

Legal employment in Norway

Years of good contact with customers and our staff resulted in an increasingly better reputation and the fact that in 2021, despite the crisis, the company gained publicity thanks to the good organization of professional staff.
At the moment, when it comes to gastronomy, we are at the forefront of agencies in Bergen and with your help we want to fight for the highest places on the podium.

Professional solutions

Choose us because we care about quality and we care about people.

Thanks to this, it allows us to maintain a high level of services, which at the same time translates into the satisfaction of our customers.


Frequently asked questions

On the right, answers to frequently asked questions. In case of any doubts, details and expanded answers can be found in the FAQ tab

You apply to our database, if we decide that you are suitable, we check your references and contact you by phone or visually using the Zoom application. If the interview is positive and you are determined to leave, we put you on the waiting list and active candidates to which our clients have access (hotels, restaurants, canteens, etc.) From now on, if you have an interesting employer profile, we will contact you to determine the conditions, the date and in terms of adding all the details of the trip.

Each offer is different, however, most offers are in the summer season and the waiting time for jobs from submitting a CV will be the shortest just then, but a lot also depends on the skills of individual candidates and their flexibility in various positions, i.e. if someone feels strong enough to working ala carte, in a hotel or in a canteen, he will have a better chance of finding a job faster. Candidates who have passed the first stage and their CV will be in our database for more than 3 months will be asked electronically if they are still willing to work.

Our clients are mainly hotels, canteens and restaurants, but depending on the season, we are also in contact with holiday resorts both in the summer and winter seasons.
Most of the work is for line cooks, although we have offers delegating to higher positions such as sous chef, head cheaf, executive chef.
We work with the largest hotel chains in the country and every year for 18  years we have been gaining new customers.
Most of the work is located in Bergen or the municipality of Vestland.

Not only that, it increases your chances at the start, after legalizing your diploma from Poland, you will earn more.

Having a diploma, you already have basic knowledge and our employers appreciate it. Upgrading your qualifications is welcome and each additional course will be your plus.

Most of our employers provide accommodation in a hotel, house or employee apartment. Usually the price per month is in the region of 3000-6000K. Sometimes accommodation is free.

Details will be arranged prior to departure. As an agency, we will try to help you as much as possible, but ultimately it will be up to you what options you choose. It is best to have about 15,000 K for renting a room (about 4000) and paying a deposit (about 8000, almost always double rent) for the first month and about 3000 for food, tickets, etc., and after the first payment it is downhill. With a frugal life, you can rent your own apartment if you want to.